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Someone said vix rub helps clean out pores and zits? does it?

just wondering, cuz my friend said it didSomeone said vix rub helps clean out pores and zits? does it?
I have never head that one but I have just written a new post about Zits, Acne %26amp; Blackheads that may help you - http://basicbeautytipsatblogspot.blogspo鈥?/a>

How do I get rid of this zit in two days?

I have a big zit on the side of my nose. It's been there for a while. I popped it some time ago, but it left a large red bump there with no white tip or anything. It doesn't seem to be going away, and school starts in two days. I've tried vanishing cream and even a hot compress a couple times, and it didn't work. So how do I get rid of this stupid thing FAST?How do I get rid of this zit in two days?
Mix equal parts toothpaste and aspirin together, crush it up until it's pasty.

Apply with a q-tip to the area, the aspirin gets rid of redness and the toothpaste dries it out. Leave it overnight and wash it off in the morning with a wet cloth.

I always use toothpaste and it works great for me.

Don't wear makeup for the next few days in that area, lot it breathe.

If it's still there, apply a hot tea bag to it every few hours, and an ice pack on it in between. This has worked for me in the past.How do I get rid of this zit in two days?
Put a little bit of astringent on the zit, then before you go to bed, apply a tiny dollop of toothpaste on it and leave it on overnight. Wash off with warm water in the morning. It really works (At least for me!)!
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  • How can i get rid of a zit?

    It is a huge zit about 2-3 inches from my left eye. I need it gone before spring break is over so about a week. This is the worst one so far.

    Does rubbing alcohol help?How can i get rid of a zit?
    Don't pop it, because it's going to leave red marks on your face, and I wouldn't do that! Rubbing alcohol does help, but if you are really worried that it will not be gone when you want it, put some foundation!!

    Zits are caused by stress, so always wash your face with water. Do it at least twice a day, when you get up in the morning, and before you go to sleep!

    It will keep your skin healthy and zit- free!!

    I always do it and I haven't had zits in a while!

    Good Luck!!How can i get rid of a zit?
    Pop it but dont use your fingernails. after you pop it you should apply alcohol to it .
    Many can be popped and some you need to push on the skin with 2 fingers where the swelling starts moving toward the head and push harder as you get close to the head until the pus comes out...all of it......Then use alcohol or a cleanse cloth with astringent.
    Put toothpaste on it. Don't forget to wash it off before you leave the house. Weird but it works. : )
    shot of cortisone by your doc.
    Pop It
    get a hot wet rag and put in right over the zit until the top turns white and then pop it.
    witch hazel
    i wouldnt' pop your zits, it leaves red blotchy stuff on your face, wash your face every morning and night with mild cleansers and use a clay mask for spot treatment once and a while, really works!

    HELP! I just popped a bad zit and now I am super red! How can I get the redness out immediately?

    I know, I know..I should never pop a zit, but this one was so big and irritating I had to get rid of it. I'm supposed to go out with friends in a few hours and HAVE to get this redness out! What can I do?HELP! I just popped a bad zit and now I am super red! How can I get the redness out immediately?
    Same issue here...only it hasnt gotten to the popable point dont it?HELP! I just popped a bad zit and now I am super red! How can I get the redness out immediately?
    Put makeup over it, that's pretty much all you can do. Nothing is going to make it go away right away. It will take time to heal.
    rub on some benzoyl peroxide because that DECREASES the redness.

    then you can put some mineral concealer or cover up on it . !
    Try putting some eye drops on it. I know it's meant for your eyes but either way it reduces the redness.
    I recommend using herbal cream like Zenmed Scar and Hyperpigmentation Treatment:鈥?/a>

    You can expect great results quickly and easily :-)

    How can i prevent a whitehead/zit from surfacing?

    Above my lip, there is an area that is red and slightly bumpy. I KNOW a zit is just waaaiiting to sprout. How can I stop it dead in it's tracks?

    *I have tried salicylic acid, toothpaste and rubbing alcohol in the past. (Did not work)How can i prevent a whitehead/zit from surfacing?
    1. you can use anti inflammatory to suspend the flaring... clobetasol cream, betametasone... apply 2x a day..

    2. stop touching it! you will cause more inflammation when you start touching it...

    3.benzoyls, salicylic, and glycolic soaps are good whitehead controlling formulations... choose which one based on skin sensitivity...

    4. whiteheads are due to clogged sweat and oil pores.. get rid of your creams! start using solutions and/or gels

    5. exfoliate regularly...that helps unclog the pores...but not if your skin is red!

    6. use oil blotters instead of repowdering your face... that way, less clogging...

    7. and use water based makeup...

    8. get a good toner... alcohol based if oily, water based if skin is sensitive...

    9. drink lots of water! and sweat it out....How can i prevent a whitehead/zit from surfacing?
    Drink lots of water...will keep your pores from clogging. Also, use oil blotting papers to remove the excess oils from your face. Get a neutral soap that will reduce the excess oils on your skin.

    You should see some immediate relief within 24-48 hours.

    I have tried various pimple reduction techniques before settling on Thermaclear. For a detailed review, visit
    well I know that if you get a cold sore coming up you can put PERFUME on it and it will kill the cold sore right away, ( i guess the alcohol does the trick but the perfume smells nice) maybe an antibiotic cream like Polysporin might help you situation

    What happens if you leave a zit untreated?

    Well I was wondering what would happen if you leave a zit untreated, like if you don't touch it or anything but you wash ur face about 3 times a day will it be bad or good.

    p.s if you let it pop by itself will it more likely cause more zit around that area then if you popped it?What happens if you leave a zit untreated?
    you arent supposed to touch it. it will go away by itself in a week or twoWhat happens if you leave a zit untreated?
    As a long time acne sufferer I can say that I have never left a zit untreated. I have used proactive and oxy pads and stridex with no results. But usually I just pop mine, if you leave it untreated it may go back into your skin and can cause damage to the bloodstream.
    no to the p.s part and it will go away do not wash so much cut down to 2 times

    How do I get rid of a fat lip caused by a zit?

    Ok, so I have a zit above my lip and it caused me to have a fat lip on my left side upper lip, I need it to go away because I have to work in a few hours, I put drawing sav on the zit because it's a blind zit so maybe if I pop it the swelling will go down? Any suggestions would really really help!How do I get rid of a fat lip caused by a zit?
    You can try to bring the zit to a head by putting a hot washcloth on it and then popping it. However, this can lead to infection and more swelling. The best thing to do is to put an ice pack on area to reduce swelling. Put some clearasil or something to make zit go away faster. If you do decide to pop it, make sure to fully disinfect skin and hands before so it doesn't get even worse.How do I get rid of a fat lip caused by a zit?
    I usually like using Neosporin....Its not really meant for pimples but I find that the anti-biotic heals them over night...Well at least for me. I've also heard that if you put a little dab of toothpaste on your pimple, it'll help too...I've never tried it tho...
    Try Clearasil if its a zit!
    popping it will make it worse. I hate to tell you this but there is not much you can really do.... ur going to have 2 wait until it goes down on its own. Have you tried putting zit cream or toothpaste to try and dry it out. How bout covering it with a little concealer.

    Trust me, popping a zit by your mouth will most likely leave a mark that will stay for weeks!

    Just deal wth it- everybody gets them once in awhile.

    Hope you have a ncie day at work!
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